Vinnie is so special to me that I just had to give him his own web page.   Vinnie was my first donkey and was 5 years old when I got him. He is now 32 years old and still going strong. 

Vinnie is a gelding that can do it all. He drives, does tricks, and serves as "babysitter" for the foals at weaning time. He is very good at breaking up any squabbles that arise in his paddock and does not hesitate to teach the youngsters acceptable donkey behavior. He plays with them and generally makes the separation from "mom" a lot easier.

His pedigree is rather undistinguished and his conformation is less than perfect, but he is without a doubt the smartest donkey on the farm. I've seen him transfer hay from another donkey's pile to his own with his nose when his friend wasn't looking. He also goes out into the pasture and deliberately closes the gate behind him when the other donkeys try to follow him. I guess he needs some "alone time" to enjoy the grass without being pestered by the youngsters and who can blame him? He loves his farrier and is always the first in line to get trimmed. He will then stand right next to every other donkey while he is trimmed and put his head on their backs to reassure them and it really works.

Although it's always difficult for me to part with any of my donkeys, to part with Vinnie would be impossible. Through the years, he has returned
a thousand times over the love and affection I have given him. He has
truly been a blessing in my life.

Hidden Acres Farm
Vinnie keeping an eye on the youngsters.
                    In Memoriam
                    ( 1986-2018 )   
  My heart is broken. I lost my beloved Vinnie on December 14th. He was with me for the past 27 years and was my best friend. I still cannot find the words to describe how much he is missed. He was truly one of a kind and will never be replaced. Forever in my heart.
Vinnie loves his favorite vet Dr. Chad
Vinnie and the boys
Vinnie greeting Checkers on his first day of weaning
Vinnie spending time with new foal Brady at the fence
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Vinnie with Dr. Laura
Vinnie touching noses with Josie.
Vinnie and Domino enjoying the sunshine

R.I.P my precious friend. I miss you more each day. There will never be another you.

Vinnie the rock climber
Vinnie and his best buddy Sweeney
Weanling Chicklet stays close to Vinnie
Vinnie shows the others how to relax during a trim
Vinnie and Chicklet relaxing together